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POSH NAILS & SPA | Nail salon 78258: Part1

POSH NAILS & SPA | Nail salon 78258 | Stone Oak San Antonio

Hitting our salon for a fresh set of fancy nails can magically make your bad day so much better.

Our goal is to create the best kind of care you can receive from a nail salon. We want every client who steps through the door to have a good experience.

From elegant French manis and short acrylic nails to kawaii Japanese nail art, so many cultures have shared this type of unique beauty with the world. And our salon is definitely a go-to place for anyone who wants to have impressive nail designs on their fingertips.


Ladies’ nails have always been an important dimension of beauty and fashion. You can have so many choices for your nail designs. Do you want to make your nails stand out? If you are looking for a way to step up your manicure game, then 3D nail art is here to answer your manicure prayers. Nail art is super-hip right now and 3D nail art — where you add embellishments to your fingernails — takes it up a notch.

The trend of 3D is on constant rise. Right from the 3D movies to paintings and animation, this trend has made an impact on the nail art as well. Believe it or not, the 3D nail trend is an interesting way to glamorize your hands for special occasions. Taking the regular manicure to a whole new level, this trend makes use of gems, rhinestones, petals, flowers, pearls, bows, hearts, and other such fun adornments that instantly jazz up your look.

POSH NAILS & SPA | Nail salon 78258 | Stone Oak San Antonio

POSH NAILS & SPA | Nail salon 78258 | Stone Oak San Antonio